Friday, July 22, 2011

Five years ago today

Five years ago today I made the best decision of my life. I proclaimed my love, commitment and loyalty to my best friend and life partner. On July 22, 2006 Mr. M and I exchanged vows promising to always be there for one another, treat each other in a loving way (even when we aren’t feeling very loving), respectful, open, forsaking any other for the rest of our lives. If given the opportunity again, knowing everything I know now. All the arguments, difficult times, moves, beginnings, endings, sorrows, blessings and every-days, I would make those same vows all over again.

To this day, and since the first day we met over 9 years ago, I still get butterflies and goose bumps when my husband kisses me or smiles my way. When he walks into a room there is a hush, everyone seems to know that someone important and special has entered. Could this get even mushier? The mushiest thing of all, I truly feel these things.

I’ve always believed that the universe had a way of balancing itself out; everything happens for a reason; a yin for every yang. Maybe because I’m disabled, <enter chosen deity or belief here> the Universe, Mother Earth or God guided me to my life partner so early on. I was 21 when I met Mr. M. It was like I heard

 “Ok, so this wheelchair thing sucks, but I’m going to make up for it with this guy. Enjoy.”

To which I say, “It’s cool, I get it. Thanks for the boobs too”. J (I prayed for big boobs when I was 8)

I love you Mr. M, today, tomorrow and forever…

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