Friday, July 22, 2011

Five years ago today

Five years ago today I made the best decision of my life. I proclaimed my love, commitment and loyalty to my best friend and life partner. On July 22, 2006 Mr. M and I exchanged vows promising to always be there for one another, treat each other in a loving way (even when we aren’t feeling very loving), respectful, open, forsaking any other for the rest of our lives. If given the opportunity again, knowing everything I know now. All the arguments, difficult times, moves, beginnings, endings, sorrows, blessings and every-days, I would make those same vows all over again.

To this day, and since the first day we met over 9 years ago, I still get butterflies and goose bumps when my husband kisses me or smiles my way. When he walks into a room there is a hush, everyone seems to know that someone important and special has entered. Could this get even mushier? The mushiest thing of all, I truly feel these things.

I’ve always believed that the universe had a way of balancing itself out; everything happens for a reason; a yin for every yang. Maybe because I’m disabled, <enter chosen deity or belief here> the Universe, Mother Earth or God guided me to my life partner so early on. I was 21 when I met Mr. M. It was like I heard

 “Ok, so this wheelchair thing sucks, but I’m going to make up for it with this guy. Enjoy.”

To which I say, “It’s cool, I get it. Thanks for the boobs too”. J (I prayed for big boobs when I was 8)

I love you Mr. M, today, tomorrow and forever…

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ouch, that hurt!

I was reading through some posts on-line about adoption, like usual. One title really caught my eye. It said something along the lines of “Agency turned us down because of medical history”. A woman was talking about how she and her husband were trying to adopt from Russia and they were denied because she has Marfan's (I had to look it up too) and her husband is bi-polar. Yadayada, not the point. Well, that did scare me since I am physically disabled but I “hear” that other countries are more stringent when it comes to parents with disabilities, so it didn’t get to me too much since we are adopting domestically.

Anyway, a woman responded with her own frustrations having  Marfan's and adopting; very understandable. But she continued and said something like, “My doctors say I’m fine, it’s not like I’m an invalid.” Ouch, that hurt!

I know I know, it’s not like she was saying, “At least I’m not an invalid like that dumb chick Shanell who thinks that she’s going to adopt!” But that’s what I heard. It’s not fair to pick on this woman, she is probably sweet as candy but that’s my reality.

I am an invalid. I am in a wheelchair. I can’t dress myself, bathe myself, brush my own hair, or take a shower by myself. I need help to do most everything. I don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I can explain and explain and explain but everyone already looked at me and saw me for what I am, an invalid. (Booooooooooooo for self-pity. Boooooooooooooooooooo)

So why do I want a baby so bad? Why? Even if I could get pregnant, it would be such a struggle. My body probably couldn’t handle it anyway. I’d be weaker, it would be harder, I wouldn’t be able to work. I don’t want that, but I want a baby. A few months ago I contacted a fertility clinic. The lady was excited to help me but said they couldn’t unless I had a letter from my doctor saying I was healthy enough to have a baby. Yea, that put a stop to that one. I hate that crack heads can pop out 10 babies, are they healthy enough to have a baby? “It’s not like I’m a crack head!” Sorry if I offended any crack heads out there.

More to come Chickies! I’m feeling chatty today!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Limbo…not the game

Now I feel like we are sort of in a limbo of sorts. Our book is still being review by our AL and her supervisor. AL is writing up our Home Study and I’m, well… I’m going crazy! I’m much better when I have something to do, a goal, a timeline. Not to say that I was particular excited about the mountain of paperwork, fingerprints, time creating the book, but at least I felt like I was doing something.

To pass the time, sometimes Mr. M and I look at the kiddos available for adoption through the state. Every state has photolisting of kiddos that need Forever Families. We like to keep all of our options open so we look at those. Ideally I want a newborn. For me, I want the entire experience of being a mom. I want to experience all these things with Mr. M. For him, that part isn’t so important. He wants to be a Daddy again. He would bring home any kid needing a home and love them as his own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stone cold monster kicking kids to the curb, I just have a different need at this time. Selfish…but isn’t wanting a child selfish anyway? I mean, most people want kids to pass on their genes, family names, features, etc. A littler version of themselves, no?  Anywhoo, I digress. I saw the two most beautifulist kiddos. The Girl is 3 and the Boy is 1. They are siblings. I forwarded Mr. M their pics and he wrote back “Those are our kids”. Admittedly I did get a little excited. They are young enough to bond with us but old enough to be a little more self-sufficient. Best of both worlds, right? I called the contact number, no answer. I emailed them. They responded with a generic, "Thanks for your interest in “Girl” and “Boy” email. I call again, I email again, I call again, I email again…. Don’t these people know we’d be the best parents for these babies??? Guess not. If we were able to adopt from the foster care system a lot of our financial worries would be alleviated. Meaning, more $$ to spend on the babies!!!! But no one will get back to us. I asked AL last time she came by and she said that her agency doesn’t work with state kids. L I don’t know how satisfied I am with AL at this point anyway. I know it’s just the beginning but I don’t get the vibes from her that she likes us. Sounds silly but in order to convey to a birthmother that a certain couple should parent her child, she should like us. People can sense inauthenticity and I don’t want that getting in the way. I contacted another agency that gives more options. They work with Foster-to-adopt as well. Also, they don’t accept Home Studies from other places UNLESS you want to adopt a black baby. Ah! Yea! Pick me, pick me! It’s ridiculous to me that children should be separated out like that but whatever. Mr. M and I don’t care about race. I mean we do, we understand our society views things and all that crap but when it comes to bringing a baby home to love and raise, it wouldn’t matter if it was green with antlers.

This process is enough to make one pull their hair out and sit in a corner rocking and mumbling. I KNOW everything will work out. I KNOW our child(ren) will join us when it the right time. I KNOW all with be right, but I don’t want to wait. I want it NOW NOW NOW!!! J

Later chickaroos!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm a lover not a fighter

I haven’t posted since my brother left. I guess you could say I was trying to “hide” from anything that reminds me of him. It’s better now. The day he left I felt a huge pang in my gut. Like someone had punched me and I was hunched over gasping for air. Dramatic, I know. I am, always have been. I’d like to think it adds to my charm. Really though, I was taught to love with all that I have and when you do that, it hurts.

Last week AL came by for our last Home visit before she can write up our Home Study. So now, we wait… She said it should take her about 2 weeks to write up our Home Study. Then we take a look at it, add or edit, then wait on “approval”. Ug! Growing up I never got “picked” for anything or won contests. Although I’ve always been “different” I’ve never really stood out for anything exceptional. I am NOT competitive in the least and would rather give in then “fight”. So, I’m hoping that this process is not like that. This time I want to “win”. I want this child that I’ve never met, done know and may not even be born or conceived at this moment, so bad I ache. I feel it with every pore in my body. It’s one of the few things that I’ve ever wanted so bad that I’m willing to “fight”. Hopefully we won’t have to.

I finally completed our profile book that will be handed out to potential birth mothers. There are still some typos I need to correct and AL wants me to send it to her first. After she OK’s it or suggests edits I’ll be able to order 5 copies of it! It sucks that most people get chosen based on their books but if that’s the game, I better play. I’m not too creative so I purchased a digital scrapbooking program. It’s pretty straight forward but it was a LOT of work. I was hoping to be able to print the pages myself (cost saver) and put them in an album but so far my test prints don’t look very good.  I’m going to keep trying but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to break down and order the books.